Seat cover questions

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Seat cover questions
Q: Do the Tuffseat canvas seat covers get hot?

f the vehicle has been sitting in direct sunlight for an extended period of time the covers may initially be quite warm, given the inclusion of cotton they do acclimatise quite quickly though. This is quite normal across all seat covers made from man-made textiles.

Q: I’ve heard canvas isn’t the softest material to sit on. How comfortable are they?
Our newly developed canvas is the toughest and softest canvas available to the market. It maintains its comfort whilst still being tough and putting up with everything you throw at it.

Q: How does your Airbag compatible covers work?
Our Airbag compatible front seat covers have a special pitch controlled seam that runs along the seats airbag seam when fitted. When an airbag deploys, the force of which it deploys with allows it to burst through the seats and seat covers airbag seam without disruption. All our Tuff Seat covers are made to fit precisely onto your vehicles seats

Q: What sets your canvas covers apart from others?
Over 18 months of R&D had gone into developing the canvas material and seat covers to give you the best fitting and toughest seat covers available. We have put our canvas through all of the most stringent automotive material testing and have passed them all with flying colours. We do this to ensure that you are getting the best canvas seat covers available for your vehicle.

Q: Are your canvas covers made specifically to suit my vehicles seats?
All of our Tuffseat covers are tailor made, just like a perfect fitting tailored suit or dress. In our case, your vehicles seats are the bodies that we meticulously work on to make our seat covers fit on snugly ensuring you are getting the best fitting canvas covers available.

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